Nomad by The Garden Apartment

reclaimed sailcloth, stainless steel eyelet, hemp rope, thread 12" x 12"

Nomad is a portable herb planter in the form of folded fabric. The design is adaptable to a variety of environments with limited space for plants. It can hang from a rope, sit on the coffee table, be transported to the window for more sunlight or the user may choose to only plant one side and hang it on the wall to create a vertical garden. The open ended design leaves the placement up to the user. The form is made out of a fabric rectangle, folded into a double sided pot and stamped with an eyelet. There is a gap between the two layers allowing the soil to breathe and drain.

The design is reduced to its essential structural elements creating an efficient manufacturing process that all takes place in New York City.

Nomad is then shipped flat-packed in a 12” x 15” envelope. Nomad is made from scrap boat sails and boat covers. The materials are locally sourced from the post production waste of sailmakers in the Bronx.

Nomad is the first product of a collaboration with Stella Lee Prowse called The Garden Apartment. The project is an attempt to reconnect with the culture of growing and cooking at home in an urban environment where busy lifestyles and easy access to take-out creates a disconnect between a meal and where it comes from.

product design